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Due Diligence & Background Check

At a given moment (before, during, after an event) and at a time when you must make a decision: 
◉Do you want to establish the reality of a situation? 
◉ Do you want to understand the reality of a market? 
◉ Do you want to truly know a prospective partner? 

MENDIS enables you to dig under the surface to discover hidden facts and avoid embarrassing or financially prejudicial commitments.

MENDIS also allows you to protect your interests and make informed decisions about your businesses and the people with whom you work or consider establishing trade relations with. 

Beyond ticking boxes, we process information about the targets, using local (human) sources, open-source intelligence, proprietary databases, and technological tools, regardless of the country and the industry. We evaluate their reputation and integrity, and we identify all associated risks of fraud, malversation, non-compliance, bad transaction, financial malpractices, and performance.

Our Due Diligence and Background Check services offer different levels of investigation for:
● Self - Reputational Due Diligence
● Third Party Due Diligence
● Customed Corporate Culture

In addition, MENDIS can provide operational and implementation support services

Self-Due Diligence

Examine your online/offline reputation to better control and improve your brand image.

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Third Party Due Diligence

Vet any third parties (investors, board members, private entities etc…) to discover inconsistencies and undisclosed controversies.

Customed Corporate Culture

Reduce risks related to corporate cultures, with a focus on toxic internal issues.

Mobirise Website Builder

MENDIS is a corporate & private intelligence firm, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations manage change, seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve disputes.

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