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Investigation &
Litigation Support

◉ Do you wish to shed light on allegations and clarify suspicions?
◉ Do you want to put an end to a harmful situation?
◉ Are you looking to confirm and demonstrate questionable practices?
◉ Are you interested in implementing advocacy strategies?
◉ Do you want to find and obtain legal evidence, that can be admitted in court?

MENDIS seeks to discover how, when, and why an event or a transaction took place, thus removing doubt and restoring the truth.

From all over Africa, through in-depth research, as well as discreet and legal collection of information and evidence, MENDIS helps clients to successfully resolve complex crisis situations and support litigation processes. 

Specifically, MENDIS is able to:
✓ Reconstruct events ; 
✓ Map facilitators and accomplices (direct or indirect, internal, or external, as well as political & economical, with a focus on PEPS) ;
✓ Highlight the methods of operation ;
✓ Evaluate and estimate monetary & volume losses ;
✓Trace and recover assets and money ;
✓Search for legal remedies ;
✓Research, identify, and localize people, including alleged or convicted criminals.

Our Investigation and Litigation Support services covers : 
● Fraud, Corruption & Financial Crimes 
● Litigation Support, Dispute Investigations & Arbitrations ;
● Governance 
● Cybersecurity & Cyber Risks 
● Information, IP & Counterfeiting 
● Illegal trade & Smuggling

In addition, MENDIS can provide operational and implementation support services. 

Fraud, Corruption & Financial Crimes
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Mobirise Website Builder
Litigation Support, Dispute Investigation & Arbitration
Governance Risks
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Mobirise Website Builder
Cybersecurity & Cyber Risks
Information, Intellectual Property (IP) & Counterfeiting
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Mobirise Website Builder
Illegal trade & Smuggling

MENDIS is a corporate & private intelligence firm, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations manage change, seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve disputes.

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