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Business Intelligence Services

I want to gather data and information to make better decisions

I need country-wide or industry analysis, risk intelligence, market entry studies, competitive and consumer intelligence, supply chain analysis or headhunting solutions.

I want to monitor and anticipate changes in my markets, track trends and new services offered.

I want to anonymously measure the quality of service offered to customers.

Due Diligence & Background Check

I need to review my reputation or screen other people and entities

I need to control my brand image and evaluate my reputation.

I want to vet other people, including but not limited to, investors, board members, target companies, private entities, and potential partners.

I want to evaluate corporate culture and want to know more about potential toxic internal issues

Risk Management

I want to ensure I am in line with compliance, regulations and good governance requirement and avoid issues

I need to bring my policies in line with regulations, statutes and governance best practices.

I need help evaluating current compliance and governance programs or designing new ones.

I need help obtaining certifications or running training for my team. 

People & Asset Tracing

I need to find assets, recover debts, or locate people

I need to track tangible and intangible assets, including money.

I need help finding an individual.

I want to recover receivables and unpaid debts.

More information about this service coming soon.

Risks Management

I need help as part of a legal procedure, or require support fighting fraud, corruption, illegal trade, smuggling, counterfeiting and governance problems

I am a victim of fraud, corruption, and economic crimes.

I am involved in a legal or amicable procedure and need support gathering facts. 

More coming about this service soon.

More coming about this service soon.

More coming about this service soon.

More coming about this service soon.


MENDIS is a corporate & private intelligence firm, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations manage change, seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve disputes.

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