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With the rising technical know-how required for of compliance, the establishment of the field as a discipline and the proliferation of regulations and agreements driving corporate compliance efforts across the world, companies are required to manage increasingly complex compliance obligations.

At MENDIS, we aim to enable you to anticipate, detect, and respond to risks, threats and incidents related to ethics, regulations, and general compliance, to respect your reputation and consistently mitigate risks.

Our Regulatory and Compliance Risks services allows clients to conform with ethics and compliance obligations and avoid sanction and include:
● Audit Advisory 
● Compliance Program Consulting 
● Certifications and Training

In addition, MENDIS can provide operational and implementation support services

Audit Advisory

We help you bring your policies in line with country and industry regulations, as well as major compliance areas.

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Program Consulting

We help you design new compliance and governance programs and review existing ones.

Certifications & Training

We help you devise and conduct your trainings, and obtain your certifications.

Mobirise Website Builder

MENDIS is a corporate & private intelligence firm, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations manage change, seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve disputes.

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