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◉ Are you looking to win a tender?
◉ Do you want to gain access to a new market?
◉ Do you want to understand your competition?
◉ Are you trying to evaluate an opportunity?
◉ Do you want to impact regulations?
◉ Do you want to get involved with an institution or a government?

At MENDIS, we empower clients to catch unusual risks to make sense of reality with reliable and granular details, essential to their success.

MENDIS helps clients face challenges and seize opportunities in African economies, known to be complex and unstable by gathering credible information, developing contextualized analysis, and submitting recommendations with high impacts on performance. 

We provide market & commercial intelligence, monitoring services and mystery shopping solutions to deliver growth and opportunity. From open-source intelligence to field investigation, leveraging human-capacities and technological tools, we produce fact-based report to enable clients to make better decisions and control the risks.

Our Business Intelligence services include:
● Market Intelligence
● Monitoring Services
● Mystery Shopping

In addition, MENDIS can provide operational and implementation support services, in the form, for instance, but not limited to, of tenders and procurement solutions, business facilitation services, and export and investment consulting.

Market Intelligence

This service covers country-wide and risk intelligence, industry analysis, market studies, competitive and consumer intelligence, as well as supply chain analysis and headhunting solutions.

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Monitoring Services

Watch all strategic changes and innovations in the environment, whether of political, economic & financial, technological, social, legal, ethical and environmental natures.

Mystery Shopping

Anonymous visit or interview that measures the quality of service, focusing on customer's experiences.

Mobirise Website Builder

MENDIS is a corporate & private intelligence firm, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations manage change, seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve disputes.

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